About Us

Golden Mile Jewellery Manufacturers Pty Ltd is an Australian owned family business. Old fashioned values have been at the core of our business since we started in 1990. We take pride in the way we conduct our business, with honesty, loyalty and dependability being the foundation stones of our services we offer. When you buy from us, you get the best of everything: Quality, service & price, while using Australian sourced metals for all of our manufactured products. 

We offer customisation of your products at no extra charge, so you can order any length, size or colour you need, as we understand that each person is different. No order is too small, and if necessary, your order can be processed and in production within hours. If it’s urgent, just let us know when you need your order by, and we’ll do the rest. Our deliveries are prompt, and as promised.

We manufacture and import products which are available to all jewellery retailers across Australia, New Zealand and even places such as Fiji and Vanuatu. Our products are available from any independent retailer – just ask for Golden Mile. A prefered supplier to each of the jewellery buying groups, and a leader in our industry. Each of our products are backed by us and we stand by everything we produce, even offering an extended warranty period on most of the items we sell.

Our factory contains some of the highest quality machines in the industry, with new machines being constantly introduced to improve our quality and turnaround time. Every item we manufacture is made by our qualified tradespeople who take pride in the handcrafted fine jewellery they create.

Golden Mile takes pride in being a family owned and operated business, and we know that most of our customers are family run businesses too. With the next generation of family stepping up within the business, we look forward to servicing the jewellery industry with improved techniques, modern designs, and top quality technology & social media to assist you in selling more, quicker and more efficiently.

We hope that our new website can give you more than ever before. 


Our Team

Hampar Erdogan - Founder

Throughout the 1980's Hampar was a clothing manufacturer, and ran a successful factory as a supplier to the clothing industry. With a family background in jewellery, Hampar decided to apply his mass manufacturing skills to jewellery manufacturing. With the impending arrival of Hampar's first child, Jacinta, and with most of his friends as jewellers, Hampar decided it was time to make the most of his knowledge and skills. With most of his friends being jewellers, Hampar used his wholesale contacts in jewellery and manufacturing to start Golden Mile from his garage with his brother Panos, where it operated from for a number of years, until the business outgrew the space. Thus the purchase of the factory in Rowville, where Golden Mile has been located ever since. Hampar has now stepped back from the business, mostly, allowing his three kids to run the company but always being available for any advice. 

Panos Erdogan - Director

The younger brother of Hampar, Panos was a jewellery apprentice working in mass chain production, and from this, combined his experience with his brother Hampar, to start Golden Mile. Panos has a way with words, and become the face of the company, being on the road and seeing customers daily. Panos built up the customer relationships, and helped build up the reputation of being one of Australia's largest gold jewellery manufacturers. Panos now works in the Production department, and works on manufacturing all the new designs. 

Jacinta Collins - General Manager

In 2010 Jacinta, Hampar's daughter, joined the business at age 19 working in the office on day to day admin tasks. Over the next few years, Jacinta gained a strong knowledge of the business, the industry, and the customer base. Wanting to take after her father's footsteps, Jacinta constantly worked on ways to grow the business, and started looking after some of the marketing and graphic design work. Over time, the marketing side of the business started to grow, and became Jacinta's favourite area to work in. Jacinta now looks after the business as General Manager, selecting new products, designing new styles, speaking to customers daily, ensuring customer service is of the highest standards, and constantly looking for ways to build the business further. It's likely you've met Jacinta at one of the fairs, or spoken to her on the phone. Jacinta had a son in 2020, and was soon after back to work to push the business to grow in new ways. 

Jamie Erdogan - Production & Manufacturing

Jamie is one of Hampar's twin sons, and in 2010 started working at Golden Mile along with Jacinta. Jamie was thrown right in, and got his hands dirty from day one, learning about manufacturing and being assigned to look after the Fine Chain department, which at the time was a brand new addition to the Golden Mile product range. Since then, Jamie has learned many areas of manufacturing, looking after stock levels, working to fulfill production orders, and taking on the customer jewellery repairs service department. Jamie is the office smarta** and is never seen with a frown on his face, always keeping the morale and spirits high of everyone he speaks to. 

Maison Erdogan - Chief Financial Officer 

Maison is the other of Hampar's twin sons and began working in the admin side of the business in 2011. Maison's mind for numbers and attention to detail leant him towards managing finances, and after a few years started looking after the accounts department independantly. Not just a numbers man, over time Maison has learnt a range of knowledge about jewellery manufacturing and loves to jump in and work in various areas of the manufacturing side of the business. He is constantly melting gold, creating sheet & wire, and even assisting with jewellery repairs, laser soldering and laser engraving. On top of all that, Maison finds himself the 'go-to' man for all IT related issues, and the office would not run smoothly without him. 


Jimmy Robinson - Sales Agent - NSW, ACT (Formerly Tasmania)

Jimmy is well known and loved by his customers throughout NSW and Tasmania. A long term agent within the jewellery industry, Jimmy has been with Golden Mile for many years, and has great experience and knowledge about our entire product range. If you'd like to have Jimmy come into your store, please contact us to get in touch. 

Sharon Harris - Sales Representative - VIC, SA, Tasmania

Sharon joined the Golden Mile team in early 2021, and has been our face on the road through the southern states. She has a wealth of experience in sales, and is always happy and friendly. 

Roderick Dell - Sales Agent - QLD (& NT)

Rod joined the Golden Mile team in mid 2021, but has been a friendly face known to us for a while. Rod has owned his own jewellery retail store in Brisbane, and is very knowledgable in jewellery and how retail works. He is another friendly face that we're glad to have on board. Rod has been seeing our customers through QLD and slowly making his way through new territory. 

Helen Finlayson - Sales Agent - New Zealand

In June 2023, Helen has joined us as our Sales Agent covering the entirety of New Zealand. She is well respected and well known across the NZ customer base, and we are enjoying having her on board as part of our team to help us grow our business across the ditch. We look forward to increasing Helen's range of products as she works her way around the country. 

Daniel Collins - Chain Production

Daniel, Jacinta's husband, has been considered part of the family since 2008, and it was only a matter of time before he joined the family business too. In 2019, after realising the business had a need for a passionate and enthusiatic sales representative, Daniel decided to forego his career as a furniture maker, and try his hand at selling jewellery. A young and ethusiastic face for the business, Daniel has built up new relationships, and further strengthened existing ones, while also being able to assist the business in developing products and ideas based on customer demand. Daniel has now transitioned out of the sales role, as he is now staying local to be a dad. These days, you might find yourself speaking to Daniel over the phone as he has a part time role within the office, and looking after the production and supply of our fine chains. 

Sarah - Admin
Olga - Admin



We're looking for enthusiatic individuals to carry our products and see our customers, to help us grow our business.
Looking for people to represent us in the following areas:

  • Western Australia

We are open to discussing the position with anyone who is willing to try something a bit different. Give us a call.